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Tenant Reviews

Jeff Woods: Almost five years ago, my family and I made the trek across the US from Florida to settle in Colorado. At the time, we were moving into an apartment that, unbeknownst to us was covered in mold. Upon seeing the apartment, we decided it was unlivable, and I made the difficult decision to move us out, rendering us essentially homeless. I happen to find a sign on the side of the road that Leslie Stevens had just put up for a townhome for rent. When we took a look at the townhome, Leslie had warned us that the previous tenant had destroyed the place, and while she works to get it fixed, it wouldn’t be available for a month. However, when hearing our story, she worked tirelessly to get us into the townhome, and within 6 days we were able to move in. She had crews in the residence 24/7, re- carpeting the floors, re-painting the walls, fixing appliances and anything else she could find. We have never experienced that level of care and generosity shown to us before. Leslie helped get us into our first home in CO, and we have been here ever since. In the years since, she has provided us with a beautiful home, and has continued to help us overcome all challenges typical property rentals face. She works diligently and most important of all, she loves what she does, and genuinely cares for her tenants. We have never met anyone like Leslie, and we are eternally grateful for the very hard work she constantly puts in to ensure our lives are fulfilled, and my family can grow. We hope to stay in the care of Leslie for many years, and we fully endorse and support her in her path to obtaining her real estate license.

Michael and Denise Smith: From December 2009 until May 2015, we rented a condominium from Leslie Stevens. During that time, she provided excellent service, taking care of all necessary facility upkeep. She was not only quick and accessible with communication, but she also provided considerate care when we needed assistance. I have recommended her as a property manager to others in need of rental housing and feel confident that she would care for others with the same compassion and efficiency that she did our family.

Elfrida Nyalandu: Leslie Stevens of Eclipse Properties is a great landlord! Ever since I have met them and rented from them, they have met all of my requiremens and needs. I have been the happiest tenant due to their outstanding work. I feel as if Leslie has done so much for me throughout the past 5 years; she is the best landlord in the world! I would recommend them to anyone.

Lynette Hartwell and Ethan Ward: During our last experience under Leslie Stevens at Eclipse Property Management, we were completely satisfied with the experience and would fully recommend her as a property manger.

During our time renting, the rent price was never raised from the original amount agreed upon. She was willing to accommodate us when any needs were required, such as an item breaking or falling out of service and needing a repair or replacement. When it was time for us to move out because we bought a house, Leslie was willing to work with us during our moving period to best facilitate a smooth transition to our new home. Additionally, after moving, a fair portion of our security deposit was swiftly returned to us with was greatly appreciated.